Oh yum 😋👌#foodporn (at cafe olive 💕)

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can i stay at your place? no hobo

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"I began to draw an invisible boundary between myself and other people. No matter who I was dealing with. I maintained a set distance, carefully monitoring the person’s attitude so that they wouldn’t get any closer. I didn’t easily swallow what other people told me. My only passions were books and music."

Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami (via creatingaquietmind)

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I think my dad heard me crying cause he just cracked open my door and slid a piece of cake on the floor into my room


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"When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you."

― Stephen Richards (via psych-quotes)

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Tumblring on my phone
Mom: who are you texting?
Me: nobody
Mom: what are you doing then?
Me: nothing
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i wasted my last bagel my life is over

Just get some bread and cut out a circle

i have never been so offended in my entire life

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*complains about being tired* * doesn’t sleep until 3am*

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